April 30, 2015

I want you to know that it takes a lot to shake me these days.
The following clip changed me forever... I now have primate PTSD (PPTSD?)
I couldn't get it out of my head for a long while and when I thought it was over... I found myself getting upset at birthday card fe...

April 30, 2015

Okay, this movie really doesn't warrent  a long review. 

This movie isn't the best quality, has its share of bad acting and certainly drags on quite a bit. I didn't mind mostly because I got plenty of cleaning done around the house while this was on. 

The best scene...

April 24, 2015

Let your imagination wander as you try to picture what kind of deep ocean beast made this noise....

In comparison to noises made by the largest living sea creatures (that we know about, blue whales, the bloop would be about triple the size.

The map below shows where 'the...

April 19, 2015

In the movie 'Sunshine', one of my favorite things is that they listen to the space radio and the creepy beacon from the Icarus 1. 

Space is not silent! 
Listen to these Eerie recordings from Saturn.

From the YouTube description: “The Cassini spacecraft has been detectin...

April 18, 2015

Some wasps made a nest over a mask. I have to admit this photo startled me at first while skimming through the internet...

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