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About Me

I'm Mandy.

I have been all about horror, the paranormal and all things ghostly as long as anyone can recall. I grew up on Ghostbusters, Gremlins and Bio-Exorcists.

My first horror film was 'The Gate' when I was five which scared me quite a bit then because it has scenes about Barbie's and demons taking the form of their parents. I ran around my house with my Fisher Price Sing-a-long Cassette player using it as an EVP recorder and begged my Grandpa to tell me ghost stories. 

Fashion/Costuming is my other passion and my career. I have since migrated to Central Florida from Michigan to pursue my dream job at the Happiest Place on Earth. When moving to Florida, my love for the paranormal was rekindled as there are so many new places and stories in the South plus Netflix was the inspiration behind Pretty Scary.

My job keeps me pretty busy but when I am not working I relax by watching tons of shows and movies, dreaming of my next vacation, painting my nails, snuggling with my furbaby Gizmo, and crafting away.

“You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes?"
                   - Hannibal Lecter

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