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Le temps passe

I’m alive! I haven’t posted since Christmas and even before then I had been phoning it in. I’m on the other side of whatever the hell this is now. Over past few months I have really focused on my career. I ended up securing my position here in Florida so we will be staying for a bit. I also planned and held our wedding in St. Augustine. Glad that’s behind me; None of that was my forte. Along the way I struggled to hold onto to whatever shred of sanity I had, keep hold of some kindness and find time to keep up the creepy. I find myself floating in some sort of adult abyss now without the next goal or benchmark insight. Now able to reflect on myself, I am seeing there are so many important things I’ve lost along the way. This is just one piece. Glad to be back.

Especially in time for the Halloween season.

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