Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas popped up on my Netflix suggestions and for weeks, it went ignored. Maybe it was the name Odd Thomas? Maybe it was the cheesy description? Who knows. But I am so glad that I was finally in the mood to click play. I really love this movie. I am happy to watch it again and add it to my collection or even grab the Dean Koontz novel.

The horror type is on the same approachable level as The Frighteners. It seems normal and then come the creatures that swirl around unknowing humans.

I fell in love with Stormy, the love interest. I expected her to be a dumb-megan-fox-intransformers kinda sidekick but she is a pretty inticing and important character.

As for Thomas, he was the hero I wanted him to be. Witty and with a gift.

The movie has a juicy twist where I found myself wailing uncontrollably with a box of tissues.

The final scene leaves the movie open ended and I am hoping a studio picks up a second installment!

Scare Factor: safe for fraidy cats Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

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