As Above, So Below

If there is one thing you should know about me... I do love my Catacombs. I have read about them since I was young. While visiting Paris for fashion related business, I threw such a shit fit about not leaving Paris without seeing the Catacombs that several reluctant girly girls were forced to go with me and eventually ran through them in terror. Me? I enjoyed every room and every disgusting Paris water droplet that landed on me.

I saw this movie on a rack at Walmart and had to find out just what this is about... seeing as though I did not see one trailer or hear one word about this film.

For the first 45 minutes, I was convinced this wasn't a horror movie at all but instead an Indiana Jones epic quest adventure movie.

Then people started getting picked off. There was screaming, and treasure... faces in the walls, strange noises, pools of blood, but no actual monsters. No actual ghouls. I'm still not sure what killed everyone?

Overall, interesting but lacking in scares and story. They have so much cool history that they could have worked with. I stayed awake (sad but this has become a good indicator) atleast but I wouldn't recommend or watch again. Want a good Catacombs movie? Check out Catacombs with Shannon Sassomon.

Scare Factor: Not so scary at all. Rating: ❤❤

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