The ABCs of Death...

I'm finally back after an unplanned month hiatus and with a doozy of a film to recommend. ABCs of Death certainly held my attention and is not for the faint of heart or under 18.

Film makers were assigned a letter to tell a short story about death. Some were intriguing, some were brutal, some were well done, some were disturbing, immature and some I could not even understand how they were selected for this compilation. The films started off on the right foot and I was eager to keep watching but the films seemed to get progressively more childish and disgusting as the alphabet goes on.

My favorites were: A is for Apocalypse - Short and sweet drama with good effects C is for Cycle - Sci-fi short with an interesting twist H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion - Costumed furry characters make this a sin city-esque, lighthearted cartoony death

I is for Ingrown - Realistic and disturbing

The worst were: Z is for Zetsumetsu - Need I even say? terrible. Just the worst. F is for Fart - Right. I feel less intelligent by watching this.

What were your favorites and least favorites? Are you excited or shocked that a second set is in the works?

Overall Ratings-- Scare Factor: Not so scary but that is made up with plenty of uncomfortable scenes and subject matter... Rating: ❤❤❤

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