These Final Hours

So 'These Final Hours' is now on Netfix. I have to warn you to not watch this movie if you are in a good mood... it will ruin your day. If you are already having a bad day, this may push you over the edge or turn you into a blubbering mess. Either way, you have to see this film. This is the real story of the apocalypse that until now, has been hard to capture with both grace and grit.

This film is about what you would do with your final hours before the certain end of the world. The protagonist decides he doesn't want a quiet end with his lover and heads out with only hours to go in search of an epic party. Along the way, he is tested by passing horrible scenes of death and destruction until he finds one he can't just pass up. He saves a kidnapped little girl from being raped and murdered and vows to return her to her father once he goes to the epic party.

I loved the truth this movie displays. I love the realistic views of humanity, the darkness in all of us, death, grief and love.

This isn't a horror movie but it will move you and make you fear the end. I feel like too many movies glorify the end and make it live-able place... where this movie makes it clear that they are all just 'surviving' momentarily not living.

Overall Ratings-- Scare Factor: Scenes of death and the apocalypse. Not scary but suspenseful. Rating: ❤❤❤❤

-xoxo, Pretty Scary

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