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Great Start To The New Year...

So, I haven't really been posting or interacting on Pretty Scary for about a month because I have been dealing with real life and all of it's glorious problems.

I returned home for Christmas and had a week of full on family time and the death of my Grandmother on Christmas. It really taught me a lot about myself and my family. I got to reflect on where all of my deep seeded associations and ideas about death come from and if there are bigger agendas to life and death.

My maternal family is a second generation of Polish Americans and still worship in an old way. My visit back home wouldn't be complete to them without a ritual of passing by the family burial plot as they shout "Mandy's here to see you" and adjust the Christmas wreaths blown over by the winter wind.

If my roman catholic family believes that the person goes somewhere else after death... then why would they be hanging out at a grave site? There are about many contradictions like this about death in my family that drive me a little batty.

And no one wants to debate the issue with me. Do your families have similar quirks with death? From what I am learning, it is typically Catholics that get a little obsessed about death. Do you think that is pretty relevant or do you know of other religions that death remains a big part of their culture?

After returning home, I have had to face my own health and morality. That little annoying rash I spoke of previously was a harbinger of bigger issues. The past few days have been filled with Memento Mori and wondering how I somehow fell apart this year.

Meanwhile I have been trying to catch up on The X-files and I found a new show "Real Fear" on Chiller TV that was kind of fun. And I got a Silhouette Cameo 2 for Christmas that I am obsessed with. I will post my creepy crafts soon.

Sorry for the dismal but and maybe all too real post but I'm back.

- xoxo, Pretty Scary.

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