I heard about Lifeline a while back but I wasn't in a gaming mood per say. If I had to sum up the game it would be that Lifeline is a sci-fi choose your own adventure with some snark to it and the excitement of getting a message on social media.

I played Lifeline one last week and I have to admit I was pretty into it. I enjoyed waking up to find the character, Taylor had responded.

After a series of poor decisions I killed Taylor but I was able to make it on my second try. The second try is less immersive and exciting so, I encourage you to think about each click the first time!

I'm working my way through Lifeline: Silent Night right now. It picks up where you leave off with Taylor... granted you get out alive.

I recommend giving them a try!

I was able to get them free by using my amazon coins on the amazon underground app store.

- xoxo, Pretty Scary

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