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Escape Rooms!

I wrote previously about how I couldn’t wait to do ‘The Caretaker’ escape room… one of the most difficult escape rooms in the country. For my birthday, I gathered a few of my favorite people and went to find the ‘The Caretaker’ at America’s Escape Game. We had an hour to venture into the werewolf ridden woods in search of the Caretaker. I expected the whole experience to be a little scarier since it was horror themed, so I was a little jumpy at each creeky door, and other noise effects. The puzzles were intensely number based and there were several red herrings to throw us off of our track. Overall, we did not get out within the hour and we found that we were just two locks away from solving the case! It was fun nonetheless and you learn a lot about other people and yourself when you are put into high-pressure problem solving situations. I thought I was going to be pretty strong going in but probably came out the weakest link (probably due to the fact the puzzles were math and number based. Admittedly, not my strong point).

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend surprised me with another escape room experience but this time the theme was more light-hearted and romantic with ‘Mirror, Mirror’ at It’s a trap. Since it was Valentine’s Day, they started us off with some champagne… which can never hurt in my opinion. I was pretty nervous that this time we would be sharing the experience with strangers but as luck had it, it ended up just being the two of us and I loved that.

With Mirror, Mirror you are sent into the woods on a quest to ban magic from the kingdom but you have to end up using magic to break a spell to escape. This room was highly themed, there was a character actor with us the whole hour, the puzzles were not number based so I enjoyed them a lot more, the props were great and it was like the room was alive because things would ‘appear’ so you had to recheck the same areas again for new surprises. The two of us were able to escape this room and finish a bonus quest with just a few seconds to spare. Additionally, they added a little lock box inside the room just for me to open with a note from the boyfriend inside and some gifts. Very cute touch! I ended up loving this one more than the horror experience. Imagine that.

Now that we are on a roll with these Escape Room experiences, I’ve been looking up other horror based rooms across the country… - This Palm Springs location features a ‘Saw’ inspired room from the bathroom scene. Creepy! - Los Angeles’ ‘The Basement’ offers a dramatic escape from a cannibal serial killer and three different scenarios. Check out the website for clips! - Catacombs escape

And as Halloween approaches, more businesses will switch their escapes to horror themes and haunted attractions have begun to add escape rooms to their repertoire, like below: - In PA, Just like it sounds, escape from a prison filled with the undead. You even have to wear a prison uniform. Buahaha. - MadWorld in South Carolina also offers two escape room experiences: Haunted Mansion and The Morgue. Each game is 45 minutes long. So you if you haven’t tried one yet, new locations are popping up in cities all over and I encourage you to try one for yourself. If you have done a horror escape room, let me know about it! -xoxo, Pretty Scary

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