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End of the Road (2016)

I was recommended to watch End of the Road a few days ago. It has been slim-pickings on Netflix and Hulu lately, so I happily loaded up the film.

End of the Road is a horror short by Unmanned Media, was funded by a kickstarter campaign and was created on a three day production budget, which is quite a feat within itself.

The film follows a small town waitress on her way into work. She encounters a drifter who she wants to reward with a meal after he stands up for her when she is accosted in an alley. The man follows her to the diner she works at and within minutes it is obvious this isn't going to be a typical night shift.

I watched the events unfold... identifying annoying characters... wondering which would be picked off first and was pleasantly surprised in the reveal.

Cleverly, traditional weapons are exhausted... and the least likely is the only reprieve from the relentless monster.

The image of the werewolf is selectively used with silhouettes and hyper-realistic closeups. The quality is impressive for a short film.

The Monster's 'transition' is successful; minimal yet mysterious. I feel like some films unnecessarily spend too much time and pour too much money into this essential werewolf scene. The gore is tasteful; High quality fake blood and used with meaning.

I was really impressed and left wanting to see more... more of the werewolf... more from this crew... all of it. Find the 11 minutes to check this out. What are you waiting for? Check out the End of the Road Here. Overall Ratings-- Scare Factor: A good ol' werewolf story, just fun to watch! No scares. Rating: ❤❤❤❤ -xoxo, Pretty Scary

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