KILD TV (2016)

I wasn’t sure what to expect with KILD TV. Other reviews stated that it was campy and almost a troma film, which I am not very fond of at any time. The trailer left me feeling like I already had the killer pegged and the MO was not entirely unique.

Thankfully, it was none of the above. I would say this is a red-blooded American horror flick featuring all the traditional elements we love; girls, gore, and a multi-murder mystery unfolding in front of our eyes.

​ KILD TV follows a late night at a small TV Station where they broadcast horror movies with a sarcastic and dark host, similar to when Elvira was on late at night back in the day. You won’t have to wait long before the killing begins and the ‘who-done-it’ mystery unfolds. With several suspicious well cast characters, their only salvation is clues from the dead. Meanwhile they broadcast desperate pleas to the viewers to help but who would believe a show known for its antics and that isn’t afraid of a little gore?

My favorite character was the ‘ghostly host’ Dr. Ultim Perseco, leading the midnight hour fright flick played by D.C Douglas. I loved when he was in character… the stereotypical mad doctor and the strength and level head he brought when ‘himself’.

KILD TV is not going to be a classic, a film you will watch time and time again, nor will it be a film you have to analyze but sometimes you don’t need that in a horror film. Sometimes you just need to watch and have fun while it all unfolds; Preferably with a drink in hand and good company. That’s what kind of film KILD TV is and it is worth checking out for sure.

View the Trailer here and find out more about where to see KILD TV here. Overall Rating: ❤❤❤

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