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Orlando... A week with a heavy heart.

I didn’t know what it meant before to have a 'heavy heart' until this week. Myself, friends and co-workers were not involved in the attack. But there is still a cloud of sadness hanging around like city like I have never experienced before. My heart felt like it was wilting with every news report. I cried almost daily for strangers. I cried because there are some really ugly, ill people living among us and there are also really beautiful people who shine when hope is lost.

All monsters are human. Some of the grizzly details are things I will never be able to get out of my head for the rest of my life.

There is something very different about living and working in the city that was attacked that changes every day life moving forward. It is no longer just a breaking news story. It is a way of life; blood buses on every corner, constant coverage on all tv and radio, flooded social media, fundraisers, photos, memorials and a sadness that can't be escaped from. Scary to know that had it been a different theme night, it would have been my friends. Terrifying to know, my place of employment was scoped out. My heart goes out to all of those involved.

I hope that these people didn't die in vain and something good can come from this; be it gun laws or protection and acceptance for the LGBT community. As Americans, we need to work together to make sure nothing like this happens again. And remember, love is love is love is love is love.

Be excellent to each other.

- xoxo, Pretty Scary

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