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Science & Creativity

Lately with the blog, there have been quite a few sofa scientists critiquing the validity of what I post or even re-post. A lot of my blog entries are just scraping the surface of an ideas; some controversial and some I don’t even believe myself… But the wonderful thing is that these items can jog our imagination.

These scary themes, creepy stories and far fetched ideas may hatch something inspiring and creative from a readers’ mind. What might be just a foggy, ghastly shaped raindrop on a camera lens to you, may be someone else’s beginning into paranormal thought and discovery.

We shouldn’t be so quick to shut down something that can be part of a bigger conversation, an opportunity to teach or an outlet to inspire.

I found this blurb while reading for one of my creative expansion courses at work and it tied right into my thoughts for posts on this blog.

“In science, the obvious role of imagination is in the context of discovery. Unimaginative scientists don’t produce radically new ideas. But even in science imagination plays a role in justification too. Experiment and calculation cannot do all its work. When mathematical models are used to test a conjecture, choosing an appropriate model may itself involve imagining how things would go if the conjecture were true. Mathematicians typically justify their fundamental axioms, in particular those of set theory, by informal appeals to the imagination.” – Timothy Williamson, Reclaiming the Imagination.

​ ​- xoxo, Pretty Scary

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