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It seems like Amazon Prime has expanded their horror and paranormal selections within the last month or so. While bored and browsing through I came across Ghostumentary. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it had an interesting Poster image and my only other option for something on TV was Bachelors in Paradise. Pressed play immediately. Turns out, Ghostumentary voices some great paranormal conversations and by the end of the film I couldn’t wait to continue the discussion here. The main host of the documentary is also the director, Bill Doty, who declares himself as a skeptic from the opening monologue. This is something I can really appreciate. I always hate identifying myself a skeptic because I feel like that usually puts people on guard. Believers wonder if you are just there to shit on everything; other skeptics wonder why you are even pursing the paranormal if you don’t believe in it. They made a good point in the documentary by making the clear distinction that a skeptic can be swayed where a non-believer will never make the leap to believer. For me, I am obsessed with the macabre in one form or another and I am just waiting for that one experience that no longer leaves me guessing anymore. Will it ever come? If it does or does not, I don’t mind looking around for the answers. The journey is always half the fun, right? The Ghostumentary team seems to agree. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Ghost shows. I have a tradition of Spooky Sundays where I catch up on all the previous week’s releases. I know these shows are not real. I know this is not what a true investigation is like but the shows sure are entertaining. Sometimes these shows piss me off because they are so over the top. And that is all they are really meant to be. But sometimes you do meet folks who get swept up in paranormal media and just add the ‘everyone just wants to see a ghost’ logic and you get a disaster. My favorite scene is where they meet up for an investigation with another team. That team is the disaster I described and frankly, what I fear when I meet up with others for an investigation. Similar to what is in the film, I once was in a group where someone was using an Ovilus III device. The words ‘Goat’ and ‘hot dog’ were read off in that order. Instead of accepting the random catalog of words that were being spewed from the controversial electronic device, the rest of the group was so desperate to make contact they wildly searched for meaning in ‘goat hot dog’. (I love envisioning and I do hope that on the other end there was a spirit of someone who was entertained by throwing out the silly phrase. Maybe that is what I’ll do a few times if I have a choice in the end?) What they ultimately find at the end of the documentary is that personal experiences will always outweigh any ‘scientific’ or calculable evidence. There is still unarguably excitement to a good ghost story and hearing someone talk about their personal experiences is thrilling. Those experiences will always be unforgettable, undeniable and the turning point from skeptic to believer. To this day, still waiting on mine... Check out Ghostumentary and carry on the conversation on social media! ​-xoxo, Pretty Scary

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