Short trip to the Old City

Got back yesterday from a short visit to St. Augustine. Had a great time as always. Took a ghost pub tour through City Walks for fun. Our guide Josh was really knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

​Saw some new sights, heard some new stories and met some new people as in love with the paranormal as I am. Still no ghosts! Stayed in Lily's room again... brought all the equipment and didn't even set it up because it really felt quiet. And there may be an electrical issue going on if the house has been wired multiple times since 1791 and the base reading was 10 mG.

Photos above: Ghost Bar at Scarlet O'hara's, Haunted second floor bathroom at Stogie's, Baseline reading from Lily's room in the St. Francis Inn and trying to find a different kind of spirit at the distillery.

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