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The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon was released earlier this year in select theaters; unfortunately, none of those theaters were near the happiest place on earth. For months the reviews and images from the film have been all over my social media; I was excited to finally see what all of the hype has been about.

The women, the filmography and music work together to paint a hauntingly beautiful scene. Visually, the movie is hard to look away from. But the story, it will feel unoriginal and like it is droning on… and it will. It won’t be until there are about 30 minutes left. About an hour into the film my boyfriend did turn to me and say “I thought you said this was a horror movie?” and I have to be honest, I was thinking the same thing.

One of the claims I heard is how Elle Fanning really stepped outside of her comfort zone for this film. I have to completely disagree. Yes, she is getting older so as an audience we need to understand she will branch out to other films that aren’t Disney. Her character was exactly what you would expect of Elle and was not growing her repertoire; maybe she was in her underwear but the naive, innocent girl is still the role she is pegged for.

Like I said before, at the end of the film is when it gets uncomfortable fast. Make sure you are comfortable with who you are watching this with because it will go from zero to necrophilia really fast.

I do not want to run the conclusion for you but it is pretty creative. How far would you go for your dreams? Do a rare few really have a certain ‘Je’ne se quoi’ and can it be obtained? Can your envy spoil you or… You get the picture.

Not a bad watch and you can online shop though most of it and not miss a beat.

- xoxo, Pretty Scary

Overall Ratings-- Scare Factor: You’ll be sitting there wondering if you’ve wasted your time… then extremely uncomfortable. Scary? No. Creeped out and on edge. Yes. Rating: ❤❤❤

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