Room 204

Room 204 at the 17hundred90 inn in Savannah, Georgia is touted as one of the most haunted locations in the United States. ​

Paranormal activity was such a regular occurrence that the inn once had a waiver for guests to sign saying that the hotel would not be responsible for any stays cut short or missing items due to the known mysterious occurrences. Nowadays, the room is popular and sought out by visitors seeking a personal encounter.

The 17hundred90 was originally three separate residences and is now one of the oldest inns in Savannah. Planter Steel White built the western part of the inn’s building between 1821 and 1823, while a family named Powers built the eastern part of the building in 1888. 17Hunrded90 was reportedly a boarding house before it became an inn and restaurant. The unique and hodgepodge nature of this building is seen in the photo on the right. The window in the left side of the photo used to be an exterior window but is now a window in one of the rooms opening to the interior hallway... 'Anna' is looking out the new exterior window.

Room 204 is said to be haunted by Anna. There are quite a few versions of the story but what they all can agree on is that Anna was young women with a broken heart who leaped or was pushed out the window to die alone on the pavement outside.

​My initial thoughts upon entering the room was that the floor had a serious slope due to the building being cobbled together so any results from rolling items is void. On the fireplace mantle there is a shrine to Anna with photos and items left for her... and a bear and ball to provoke some object movement and in case that is all to tame for you, a Ouija board in the drawer. I keep mentioning the cobbled building because I'm sure that effects the electrical in the building and room... which is why there are consistent EMF spikes throughout.

I was a bit disappointed in the decor... it is like the 17hundred90 knows that ghost crazy folks would rent this room for that reason alone leaving the decor to look like Grandma's cabin. Looking into the other rooms, the Victorian furniture and decor were stunning and would have easily made this room a piece if history you can stay in. The decor now is almost like they are trying to make me forget I am in what could be argued as the most haunted room in the most haunted city in America.

I brought the gopro, EMF reader and voice recorder to investigate in the room and around the city. Our first night in Savannah ended earlier than anticipated; we were tired from the drive, running around the city and I wasn't feeling great. The boyfriend drank a few beers and fell asleep hard. I just wanted sleep and did not set up any equipment. I browsed social media a bit in my phone before going to sleep.

I woke to a pat on my solar plexus around 2:30 in the morning. Startled, I looked around. The boyfriend was still sleeping hard on the opposite side of the king bed. I sat awake, trying to figure out what just happened and remembering oh, yeah, I'm in a supposedly haunted room, when there were two distinct knocks on the wood headboard. Boyfriend did not not move at all so It was not from him. At this moment, I revert back to that feeling you have as a small scared child in bed after seeing a shadow or a nightmare. I was no longer pretty scary, the paranormal enthusiast and investigator. Grabbing the EMF or anything did not even cross my mind. I was experiencing all this alone. There was no way to wake the boyfriend up. I was not expecting this. I sunk into the bed and pulled the covers up to my face. Out if the corner of my eye I saw the bedside lamp on the boyfriends side start to turn on and stop. There was russling and noises around the room. I layed there thinking of the people who have left the room in the middle of their stay; thinking if the relaxing vacation I was hoping for; and thinking 'Great job, you had to have room 204'. I eventually fell back to sleep but woke up afraid periodically through the night and I was happy to see that it was morning because I felt like that meant it was over. I slept pretty terribly, giving an ironic credibility to the hotel's do not disturb sign "Do Not Disturb, the ghost kept us up all night".

The rest if the nights were quiet, nothing showed up in photos, EMF or on the voice recorder. Most claims are that items are moved or go missing... especially from women but, I didn't lose anything and there was plenty of jewelry/makeup/clothing left out to be messed with. It was the strangest experience I've had. I know it's very strange but I still wouldn't say I am a believer. I have been explaining it away... maybe so I keep looking? Maybe so I don't think too much about it? So very interesting times at the 17hundred90 inn! Stay tuned for more on our Savannah trip. Stay spooky! - xoxo, Pretty Scary

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