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The Charnel House (2016)

The Charnel House… Just don’t waste your time unless maybe, you need some background noise? Every horror trope, every scenario we’ve all seen before in some sort of clumsy mashup. This movie gives me hope at least that if I ever write/direct a horror film it has to be picked up by some decent studio because this one was.

Can I say one nice thing about it? Not really, but here is a fact for you all! Did you know: A charnel house is a vault or building where human skeletal remains are stored. They are often built near churches for depositing bones that are unearthed while digging graves for other remains (side note: how great is that? Rest in peace other person now going in my final resting place!). The term can also be used more generally as a description of a place filled with death and destruction (what the film was named after, though I would have preferred a movie about the actual meaning).

-xoxo, Pretty Scary

Overall Ratings-- Scare Factor: You’ve seen it all before; ghost children, someone with a hidden past, someone working to uncover a secret, someone murdered trying to get out said secret, creepy old building, someone goes crazy and tried to kill family, ya-da, ya-da. Rating: ❤

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