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Fear INC. (2016)

To be honest, I wasn’t dying to watch this movie… In fact, I had it pegged as some lame ‘Saw’ inspired slasher movie with a cast base that probably took a good portion of the budget so it wasn’t planning on clicking play for a while. That is until I gave my boyfriend the remote and he made the hasty decision to click whatever the next movie we had not seen before which was Fear Inc, and I’m glad he did.

As some of you who may have read my other posts or know me in person know that I am obsessed with the horror experience. Films, Horror Attractions, Paranormal Locations, Immersive theatre, Alternate reality games, I’m there and looking to be scared. The line I have drawn is with the ‘Blackout’ experience or Blackout 21. Though I am inspired with it, I don’t really have time for people playing mind games with me for days or coming to my house. Nope. I’m not sure who would really have time for that? Because life and my job aren’t stressful enough, let’s add intimidating phone calls and vans parked outside.

With Fear Inc, I felt like I could relate to the protagonist quite a bit. Joe is the main character and he is yet another horror enthusiast that is becoming bored with the same scare tactics and in return ends up calling a service ‘Fear Inc’.

The rest of the film has you in the middle of a classic suburban nightmare where a killer is on the loose and wondering is it all real? And that is the best part because as the story is told the characters feel very different about what is really happening and opinions shift as the night goes on allowing you to lose track of what is reality. ​ The movie ends in an unexpected manor with little nods to past horror films along the way. Decent special effects throughout for the gore fiends and a really clever story that I identified with. Am I the Joe of my group of friends? On no. I’m a little less annoying but I think so! Anyhow, I think you’ll enjoy Fear Inc. too! Right now, it is only out as a rental still but I hope it comes to streaming services soon.

-xoxo, Pretty Scary

Overall Ratings-- Scare Factor: No jump scares or anything frightening. A good ol’ chase with good story telling. Worth seeing for sure. Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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