Everywhere we go...

We recently went to visit Brad's family in Culpeper, Virginia. It is a cute Main Street USA kind of place nestled inbetween Shanandoah And Washington D.C.

Before the trip I started researching the area and telling Brad about my finds. He stated right then and there that we are going to keep any creepy or haunted business out of this trip. I reluctantly agreed.

Well, wouldn't you know, the first night there had us talking with the owner about 'happenings' and entering the basement of a bar and grill that was supposedly the old slave holding cells for the area. Just below were tunnels running under the whole city leading to the Masconic lodge where the Minute men planned attacks on the British during the Revolutionary war. The owner went in to mention that he has never dealt with just forces before and regularly looses staff due to the paranormal activity.

While exploring the basement, I turned and smiled at Brad while he shook his head and said "Everywhere we go...".

I am still looking for more information on the Culpeper area and tunnels. Let me know if you have more information.

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