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Halloween Horror Nights 27 - Orlando

We are Less than three months away from Halloween Horror Nights 27. Only two IP houses have been confirmed for Orlando and very few official clies to string us along. Both houses so far I am a fan of personally so I am excited to see the props and how they will pull it off but I'm thinking they will not be very scary. This years mascot is still a mystery. There is a lot of speculation that it may be 'Lady Death' who reigned over Singapore's event last year. With her 'Dias las muertos' theme, it would be fitting for Florida's atmosphere. Some have said that the Caretake's daughter 'SINdy' might be coming out to play. I've been hoping to see the Usher again since his bloody little message on the ticket booth back in 25. Late last week Universal released an online interaction asking fans to 'Sell your soul' and provide your information. So far over 15,000 have obliged. The website also featured a teaser trailer featuring a piece of mail... is this what we will be getting for sacrificing our souls? The video also had more floral skull imagery and one second cuts. Fans have already broken out the cuts into stills that you can find here. Can you see anything? Nothing comes to mind for me. Lastly, putting together what I know from Universal's scare actor auditions and from rumors... I think I figured out another IP house but I'm not trilled about it. Other sources have cited that Universal has signed contracts with Blumhouse, the horror powerhouse behind films like Insidious, Get Out and Paranormal Activity. During scare actor auditions, many of those selected were asked if they would shave their head. Lastly, one of the set code names is hoardes. What do you think? I think it might point to Blumhouses' recent release, Split. I am hoping I am wrong because this will not make for a good or scary house. Hmm... Well enough of my HHN ramblings. What do you all speculate? Who are you rooting for this year? It won't be long now! -xoxo

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