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The Rezort

I put this one off for a while because the concept and quality just seemed like it was going to be a big miss. The Rezort is a movie about the arrival to a new, near future tourist destination, a zombie themepark. Being from themeparkland myself, this is a pretty funny idea and sounds like something not too far from what stupid humans would come up with if there were zombies and we contained the virus. The whole movie kind of resembled Jurassic Park but with a different kind of hungry, cold blooded thing hunting people down. Overall it was clever. I like how you got a glimpse of how they run the operation and 'safety' features. The makeup was pretty good and gore was decent. I found some plot lines and character roles overly predictable and it was a little easy for the park to be taken down. A nice watch for a netflix and chill weeknight. Overall Ratings--

Scare Factor: No scares, just a good ol' zombie movie.

Rating: ❤❤ -xoxo

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