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The horror anthology 'XX' has not received the best ratings or reviews from viewers thoughout the internet. The grouping of four short films on assorted subjects are all made by 'killer' female directors and feature mainly female protagonists. After watching XX, I was left inspired and wondering why the hell there aren't more films like these! My favorite film was the first 'The box' by Jovanka Vuckovic. The scene starts with a normal, healthy little box being all too inquisitive and asking a man on a subway what was in his box that was wrapped like a gift. The boy looks inside and is changed forever. The story is simple, creepy and powerful. I can appreciate that. There is no gore, no monster, just a silent killer and an ending leaving you guessing. Overall, I highly recommend! Let me know if you are or become a fan too.


Scare Factor: Uncomfortable, not scary. One of my favorites that I have seen lately!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤


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