Halloween Horror Nights 27 - another update!

 Halloween Horror Nights 27 is just days shy of being a month away and things are still quiet on the announcement front.

In years past, the theme for Jack in 25 and Chance in 26 had already been announced by now. Here in Orlando there are usually billboards and relentless commercials all over by now but not this year.

We only have 4 out of the speculated 8/9 houses announced. Hhn has confirmed that it will be a 5/4 split of IP houses to Universal original houses; and that subtly confirms that there are 9 houses I hope.

I can't wait for the official news even though the forums on HHNNIghtmares and such seem to have the event figured out. 

In case you don't follow my Instagram or Twitter, I announced I did scare actor auditions again this year with the goal of getting a reserve street actor or something but I was cast part time in a house! The house 'checkmate' which is speculated as AHS: 2. Uh oh... Scathach? We'll have to wait and see I guess!


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