Phoenix Forgotten

I grew up with tales and documentaries on the Phoenix Lights thanks to my father. The film is done in shaky cam hipster documentary style and to be honest with you… I was bored so I was tuning half in. The real action, like with most of these homemade documentary inspired films, goes not come into play until the final twenty minute mark.

Not great. I do not recommend unless our choices are this and Boss Baby.

Area 51 is way better if you’re in the mood for a rogue teenager looking for aliens faux documentary. So, let me sum it up for you… Brother films the Phoenix Lights on his crappy 90’s handheld, first of its’ generation I’m sure, he becomes obsessed, goes missing. Sister is wondering what happened, finds tapes, finds crappy mud covered actual camera and tape, learns what happened, boom-that’s it.

Spoilers ahead but I really want to debate these common UFO details or have someone explain this to me… - Why wasn’t the government more protective of the tape? - Why do aliens visit this spot and take people? Like aliens are just hanging out waiting for kids to scoop up? - Why radiated animals? If true, wouldn’t we see them all over instead of mutilated animals like at skin walker ranch? - Oh, so aliens do use the old ‘Contact’ trick where they appear to you as your parents or whoever is familiar to you?p 

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