When the original ‘the Ring’ came out, I was enamored with that film. It seemed to be the perfect horror movie to me at that time, granted I was a teenager at the time but it was everything I was looking for in a movie and everything I hoped it would be; Jump scares, mystery, faux ending, the imagery on the tape, the noises from the tape… I had a blog back then too and the picture of Anna Morgan diving off the cliff with a fake fly that moved around the screen was my theme. 

Watching the film now, it has held up to the test of time I think if you can get over the fact that corded phones and VCRs are no longer in every home.

So needless to say I was happy, skeptical definitely but happy when I found out there would be a sequel.

But, the sequel didn’t do anything new to the story. It tried to update the franchise to include cell phones and new places where you can find media nowadays like planes but… that’s about it. It used the same formula that worked for the first film and just plugged in a different decade and different characters. There is still the opening scene where someone is running out of time, the love one in jeopardy, the sacrifice, the investigation, the small town with secrets, the angry old man with secrets, the reveal, the ‘cure’, finding out that the ‘cure’ didn’t work, and keeping it all going.

Pretty disappointing and an unnecessary remake.

Let’s hope Samara stays buried this time guys because only more harm can be done. 

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