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Wes Craven's New Nightmare

I have watched all of the Freddy films before and frankly, they bore me. The first is a classic but after that they get a little redundant and more farfetched. 

I’ve stayed away from our 80’s horror pals for a while but I’ve heard a lot of great things lately about New Nightmare and decided to give it a try… New Nightmare has to be my favorite horror film of that generation of slasher films and it has held up pretty well to the test of time.

New Nightmare isn’t slasher cannon so it doesn’t get picked up or talked about as often as it should. It is the lesser known of the Freddy films but really the most fun. Good gore and a good story.

The film is about the day to day life of the Final Girl, Nancy Thompson and how the Freddy films are impacting her life after the director calls ‘Cut’. Robert Englund plays both himself and Freddy; even Wes Craven himself has a scene as the line between movie script and real life blurs.

If you’re looking for some good ol’ nostalgic horror, you have to check out New Nightmare. Now on Netflix too! 

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