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Gerald's Game

Netflix just released another original film this past weekend, Gerald's Game, based on the Stephen King novel. I watched the trailer and was captivated from there. A couple, struggling with their marriage, heads to a remote getaway for the weekend to rekindle their flame. The husband, trying to be spontaneous, whisks his wife to the bedroom in a moment of passion neglecting even closing the front door. With good but erotic intentions, he uses handcuffs to restrain her to the bed and that is when her nightmare begins...

The husband suffers a heart attack with the keys to the cuffs in the other room.

Gerald's Game had me glued to the television the whole film. Each action, obstacle and twist was intense and executed in a perfect way.

As soon as you feel that the protagonist has reached the pinnacle of misfortune and reached insanity, Gerald's Game takes it a step further.

I didn't think the end was as strong as the setup and confrontation unfortunately but I enjoyed the overall message that monsters are real. Sometimes monsters are just a beast like the dog; sometimes they are a hurtful person like the husband; sometimes an abuser like the father; sometimes truly a monster like the boogeyman (or the Moonlight Man in this case).

Definitely a must see! Not your typical horror movie and suspenseful in the best way.

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